Monday, June 8, 2009

History, etc, etc

Welcome to GYRO! My adventures through life by running.

Background on GYRO: I started GYRO in the summer of 2005 as a way to have some running partners. I gained many running partners and good friends ( some old and some new ) throughout the summer. 
The rules of the club: 
1. Never leave anyone behind 
2: Come to 3 club meetings and become a lifetime member 
3: Buy our T-shirt
4: Keep GYRO alive by inviting new members and KEEP running

That summer I learned a lot about how God uses people to reach out to you and shape you into a stronger person.

Background on the GYRO blog: My friend, Kim, suggested I blog about my training for my first marathon in October. I had started this blog in 2007 but had nothing to write about.. well now I do!

Check back often the details of training (Nothing is off limits!) 

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Shannon said...

So proud of you girl! I'd love to be a help to your training if you need it, anytime! Going for my first run in awhile tomorrow bright and early...getting it on :)