Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday..

Well the sweet and salty craving went down--slightly.
Talked Steve into a $5 Papa John's pizza for dinner on Tuesday--so good! Then I went for a 3 mile hill walk with Marcee. We were out for about 45 mins so we don't walk that slow! Kept the water intake around 70 oz. I have serious never gone to the bathroom this much--but the water seems to be curbing my cravings!

With all intentions of doing the 5 miles in the morning (like I planned to do on Tuesday) the day was just too busy. I had an early morning work meeting, friends over for lunch, book club in the evening all while still doing my real job! So I took the day off. I still kept the water intake at 72 oz. Ate pretty well except the 2 Cinnabon cookies, Cheetos, Salt and Vinegar chips and the chocolate fondue at book club (I dipped apples does that count?!)

By the way, sit ups and push ups just aren't happening.. not when the heat is at 90 and I am dripping sweat.. maybe next week. One goal at a time.. one week at a time.

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