Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Tuesday June 30th: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I am ashamed to have to put that out there but it was a rough day.

Wednesday, July 1st: Was joined by Jess, Marcee and Shannon on the trail for the 2 miles. Let me tell you how awesome it is to have some running partners. I have a problem: I am a social runner. I can't motivate myself to go alone, I like to talk the whole time and have someone to help motivate me. That's how this whole GYRO concept got started back in 2005: my need to have running partners and look at all the states and different ones that have been part of my journey. I just hope that we all keep running!

On a side note: I have been eating so much popcorn. Whole 3.0 oz bags to be exact! I just keep shoveling the handfuls to my mouth..must work on that! The sit ups: not so much but the water in take is still high and the sugar is keeping at a minimal.

Stay tuned.. Friday should be a big run.

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Kim said...

You crack me up! hahaha you should eat orville redenbacher natural popcorn it has 100 calories a bag!!