Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GYRO friends

Lately, I've been hearing about all kinds of unsuspecting runners. You know, those friends who always thought I was crazy for running the distances I run or joked 'the only place I'm running is to the fridge'. Do you have any of those?

Well some are becoming runners and I couldn't be more excited. That is the GYRO mission to inspire other to fall in love with running or fall back in love with running.

Last night I got a text from a college friend, Chad that said.. "Guess who jumped on the running bandwagon" It made me laugh because Chad and I worked together on campus and spent lots of time talking/hanging out and I felt a little honored he wanted to share this new hobby with me.

I also got an update from my Mom and Dad who have started their own little GYRO club in Ohio. Now, my Dad was an original GYRO member and part of the foundation of the club but had gotten away from the sport in recent years. Mom, she's never been much of a runner but to hear her ask for a playlist..just makes me smile. I hope that we can run a race as a family sometime this fall!

A co-worker who just couldn't believe running was something you trained to do. He just thought he could sprint a mile. He's learning that sprinting around the bases is quite different than running a mile. You have to build your mileage slowly. Its been funny to hear him talk about his run at the gym the night before because he has quickly figured's not as easy as it look.

Do you know of other's who would like to be part of the GYRO community? Invite them to run and become a follower of this blog!

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