Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why do you run?

I run because of the feeling afterwards. I run to relieve stress. I run because I'm only competing against myself.

Today a great friend said to me that she's been having the urge to run because walking just wasn't cutting it to get all her aggression, stress, worry, etc out. I kind of chuckled because she has fought the running thing and me pushing her to run for a long time now (let's say at least 5 years). Today, She set a goal to run to the end of the street. We all run for different reasons and we get into running from a variety of different paths so whatever it is that is motivating or urging you to get out there, just go get your run on. Today, not tomorrow.

By the way, this friend is the first person I met when I came into the world 25 years ago today. I love her dearly and to hear her say these words put a smile on my face. I'm looking forward to helping her find out why she runs.

Why do you run?


hokiegal23 said...

1) Happy belated golden birthday, Sarah. (I was a little tied up yesterday to post it, sorry.)

2) I run because it's good exercise and I need exercise. To be honest, I'd rather play a sport, but running is beginning to challenge me in some ways that are good for my soul. I was never the runner - my sis was - and it's been good to overcome that "mindset" I have an accomplish some things when I run.

Suzann said...

Surprise! I ran today. I decided to go from one mailbox to the next. So, my goal is to count those mailboxes as I pass them by... You count miles and I count mailboxes. You will be surprised how that helped me keep going. I would look to the next one and say. . you can make it to that one. Before you knew it, I had gone 1/2 way around the entire block. Be proud! I might be known as the mailbox runner. ha ha!