Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Guest Blogger

The honor of being asked to be a guest blogger. For years family members in my immediate family have been running. As a child, I was a fast runner and could beat all the boys, but I never experienced running as a teen or adult. I had ran a little bit once with my family in the Smokey Mountains on vacation but had become discouraged with aches, pains, and sweating. But, that now has changed! I've been running now for a little over a week. My philosophy is not to count miles, but to count mailboxes. I have found that is something that motivates me and keeps me going. I set a goal of trying to run around the block which is roughly 26 mailboxes. My husband has of course converted it to 1/2 mile. Whatever, I count mailboxes. As a 51 year old, running around the block is a good way to let off steam and experience the beauty of my neighbors yards while raising my heart rate. Today, was a real test with the heat rising outside to 79. But, I made it. I have now ran around the block 3 times in the last 3 days without any walking. I guess I'm going to have to expand my run to another street soon and see how many more mailboxes I can count.
Get Your Run On.
Momma Susie

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Nicki said...

This is so encouraging!!! :) Thanks for sharing how you stay motivated to keep going! I will think of you each time I pass a mailbox!