Thursday, September 23, 2010

We are on the internets (yes, internets..on purpose)

We joke in our office how people are always putting s on the end of things. Wal-marts, Internets, Krogers, etc. It's just funny.

Anyway, last night met Hannah at the Huckleberry for a nice evening run. We went at 7pm which is just a little too late because the Huckleberry gets so dark with all the tree coverings. I'd say we ran right around 2 miles. It was a great run with regards to the cooler temps but my knees, legs, everything is just pretty sore from being so lazy the past few weeks. However, I have been doing early morning core workouts that I plan to continue. I've also been eating pretty healthy. I'm even giving fish a try this weekend..eeek!

During our run we talked about GYRO. Hannah felt a little bad that someone had asked her if she was taken GYRO over. I told her don't feel bad. This is what GYRO is all about. The purpose of GYRO is to help you find runners who are near you, same pace, schedule, etc and start your own breakout group but all with the common theme and network of GYRO. There is a local neighborhood group starting up, a Virginia Tech campus group, mommy's group, a northern VA group, a DE group, etc We are currently working on plans to be able to link to all the groups but for now you can follow GYROhq (headquarters) at for all the dish.

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Nicki said...

Don't forget the Men's GYRO group!! ;)