Thursday, April 7, 2011


So a few running updates.. sorry for the delay, my blogging suffers when I'm living my life not attached to my phone and laptop ;)

Friday, April 1st: My friend Wendy joined me for a 2 mile run at my new favorite trail. They stopped at our place on their way to Chi-town. It was great to see a familiar face and the 2 miles flew by because we had so much to chat about! We felt great and she really enjoyed stretching her legs after being in the car all day and I enjoyed finally being able to run after work! We headed home to some homemade delicious pizza.

Sunday, I was able to talk Steve into 2 miles..I was really trying for more but he is one person I can't talk into extra mileage..especially because he hasn't run in over a year or even longer. But, he did great and we had a nice pace. I snapped a picture for proof :) 
Stretching afterwards is a must..with lots of water!

Last night, I met my Dad and Steve for a quick after work 2 miles. I really want to break the 2 miles and do more but hey I am proud to be getting mid week runs in. I'll take it. Here is a quick picture after we made it back to the house. The run felt great but my lower back is killing me this am. better get over the aches and pains.. I have some serious miles to put in!

Running in Ohio is so flat and I love it! 



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