Sunday, June 21, 2009

Changing it Up

Today's Sermon at church was about changing it up and I thought I would do the same. Starting with the layout of the blog then to my eating habits to my attitude towards the running plan. Let's start with the running...

Today was Day 1 of the official training for the marathon. I feel really good, legs really strong, not out of breath and the desire to keep going once I stopped (in running shape as I like to call it). I ran 4 miles in the heat--if its not raining its hot..go figure-- Anyway, 4 miles, pretty hilly (these hill should help me later!) took right around 40 mins. After I build up the miles I am going to work on breaking this 10 min mile pace.

Here is how my program will look this week.
Run 3 on Monday
Run 5 on Tuesday
XTrain on Wednesday
Run 4 on Thursday
XTrain on Friday
Saturday and Sunday off because I am headed to Erin's bachelorette party!

Total miles: 12

Also, going to change up the diet. Keep the sugar count down --def. no soda or candy and stay away from all things sweet including Sonic :( Drink at least 80 oz--a new water bottle should help--Thanks Steve!

On my XTrain days, I will work on P90X (if it stops skipping), ride my bike, walk with friends and hopefully get some strength training in.

Every day will be push-ups and sit ups.

Now about the layout of the blog. Since its seems so hard for me to update everyday I will be updating the week's plan on Sundays and giving the update throughout the week...

Stay tuned--the fun has just begun!


Matt said...

Proud of you. The new Dean is pretty good. You will definitely enjoy it. It's more of a 'self-help' book for marathoners. He has some really good advice for meeting your goals and how to get there. I should have it finished by the end of the week at this rate.

Kim said...

Hooray for the update! I got a new pair of sneakers and I really think they make me run faster! They are called Adidas Kanadia!