Monday, June 15, 2009

Marathon: Day 3-8

Ok--so after a long week of work and a fun weekend!! This is long over due. I will try to be better this week

Day 3: It rained and poured all day--sat on my butt!
Day 4: It rained, it poured...
Day 5: No excuse
Day 6: 12 mile bike ride on The Huckleberry!
Day 7: 3.5 miles on the Huckleberry with Katie L.
Day 8: 1hr 20mins walking with Katy and Jess pushing the strollers on the hill..

Lessons learned: have a rain plan, use P90X more, update blog everyday or it will pill up on you :)


Matt said...

What's a little rain? Stick with it!

Kim said...

I'm glad you updated! I started to get worried! Dom has P90X, but doesn't use it!! Maybe I will haah