Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New running friend

Tonight Marcee and I ran with Ragan, we ran at the usual spot and went 6. It was fun having another person because it gives you extra time to catch your breath!

Ragan is training for a 1/2 marathon in September but we talked alot about our future running plans--aka talking her into our marathon training..We ran an average of 9:20 per mile which is a little faster than normal which was probably due to the new addition (shes fast!) and the fact that we are getting stronger each day. Looks like GYRO VA has begun--will you be the next member?!

It was really hot (our shirts were literally dripping around mile 2 we had little puddles following us). I was sweating so much when we turned at the half way point I got the chills from the wind hitting the sweat. Gross.

Goals for tomorrow: Don't skip Body Sculpt class

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Kim said...

GYRO-VA! I like it!! I have GYGO -DE... Get your gym on hahaha