Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursdays are rough

Marcee and I ran 5 miles right after work last night and it was rough! There is a huge difference in temperature from 5:30 to 7. However, we finished and under 10 minute miles. Thursdays have become the worst running day for me because my body is tired from working all week and working out (running and the Body Sculpt class). Its the most important run of the week, keeping me loose and motivated for the big runs on Saturday but they are rough!

On a side note, I have been having shoulder pain and I finally went to see a Sports Med doctor yesterday and it seems like it's much better after a shot of steroids and numbing medicine (for the inflammation). Now, I know what you are thinking " Sarah, when you win the Marathon are your worried about the steroid testing".. Good question! I ask the doctor and he just laughed :)

My friend Shannon is letting me borrow her Garmin GPS watch since Marcee is leaving me for the month of August. Its such a cool piece of technology but Shannon's is a little more complicate than Marcee's but I finally figured it out.

The true test will be on Saturday for our little mini marathon training.. stay tuned.

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Suzann said...

Love my running daughter. All those child like attributes that sometimes could be considered "strong willed" can help you achieve your goal.

---determined spirit
---never giving up

Loving MOM