Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Unofficial Half Marathon

Today, we ran 13.1 in 2:15--Not that bad.

We had sports jelly beans in our pockets of our shorts and ate one each mile (I skipped a few but Marcee was serious!) The weather was pretty cool and there was a good amount of cloud cover but that didn't stop us from sweating and by like mile 3 our jelly beans were sticking together so no sharing.. :)

Steve met us at 8 miles with water and some Cherrios.. it was a much needed break. We didn't really hit a wall like we did in 12 last week but the last mile we both got a little stiff and sore. However, we finished strong and cooled down and stretch and drank lots of water!

I just had 3 eggs with cheese and 2 pieces of bacon and can't wait for the other meals of today!

Today, was the last time I'll run with Marcee for awhile--very sad but next weekend I'll have Matt (my brother) to run 10 (if he can handle that!) with and hopefully Jeff (brother in law) to run 13 (well see how far he wants to go) with the following weekend..Any takers for the other weekends in August?! :o)

On another note, started writing down the list of songs I want for my ipod during the race.. Do you have any good ideas?


Suzann said...

You have such a good hubby! Bringing you a snack and water.

Matt said...

Ha, way to call me out. I can run 10, don't you worry.

Monique said...

What are sport jelly beans?!