Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A new partner

Well, Steve (my husband) decided he would join me for last nights 6 mile run. His knee really hurt him about a mile in and he stopped about every 1/2 mile to stretch it. He said at the end of the run it's because he was going to slow..hmm maybe but I wasn't the one hobbling dictating the pace. He was also in charge of the watch and that drove me up a wall--I need to learn to be more of a sharer and flexible-I don't like stopping and starting. Anyway, not sure what the exact time was but I felt great and 6 miles is pretty easy now. However, I need to work on some strengthening and speed.

This is a recovery week so I'll probably run 3 more times before Monday (4, 5, and 10).

I'll keep you updated on Steve's injury..

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Kim said...

You guys are funny!! I'm glad 6 miles is easy now!! I just got back from Body Pump - that's some good strengthening!