Friday, August 7, 2009

A Thursday that wasn't so bad

Ran 5 miles in 47:03 last night with my little brother (whose legs are as long as my body!) We were moving! I felt really good except I couldn't really talk. We ran much later than normally. My mom and brother arrived around dinner time, we ate, and then decided to go at 8pm--on a full tummy. It was the best idea but I survived and kept everything down. The temperature was amazing so cool and breezy, I barely had sweat running down--that got me really excited for the fall and cooler running weather. Also, running that late on a covered trail it was pretty dark--I started to get nervous I would hurt myself because I couldn't see where my feet were landing. So from now on stick to the earlier runs and don't eat so much!

Working on the strength and protein consumption still.. but the water intake is going well :)

Just 10 miles tomorrow...! Can't believe I actually say "just 10" ;)

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