Monday, October 26, 2009

The Marathon

So, the marathon went great. I ran it in 4:44 which is exactly a 10 minute mile pace--so I was very pleased! That is my pace that I ran almost every distance run.

I ran 20 miles on September 5th and only ran small (nothing over 6) 4 times before the race!! I was super nervous that I would just be in so much pain but the rest really did help. I wasn't burnt out from running or sore or anything so that was such an excitement.

My Mom, Matt and Dad were there (my Dad surprised me..I thought he was working in WV!). Mr. Bob and Mrs. JoAnn were there too. Rob (Steve's oldest brother, was really sick so he, Mandee, and Brandon couldn't make it. Jeff had too much school work so he couldn't either but I still felt so loved and thankful for all the support! They were able to see me each about 3 or 4 times so for a marathon that was really good.

Mandee had GYRO t-shirts made. They were red and the front read: "GYRO SARAH" and the back said Baltimore Marathon 09. They were so thoughtful and really stood out from the crowd. It made me feel so special! See Brandon below cheering me on from Philly!
Although, I felt pretty terrible after the race--more car sick feeling than anything else. I will definitely be trying to do another within the year.Kim and My dad making fun of me feel so sick!

I recovered nicely. I was back to normal by Monday and really not too sore. I have yet to run again but I think that itch is starting to get to me and I plan to hit the trails sometime this week. I am not sure what I'll be blogging about but I can assure you it'll be more updated (1 a day) and have to do with food or running or saving money haha!

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