Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Walk don't Run..

Last night Steve had to work late, Marcee is in SC and I couldn't talk anyone into supervising my run on the trail. Since it is getting darker earlier and I am not 100%, I don't really like to run alone. So, I met my friend Ashley at the gym for a uptempo walk. Seriously, my VA friends walk about as fast as I run! We didn't keep track of distance but it was about a 30 minute walk. My knees felt pretty good.

I am going to try and run tonight and possibly something light tomorrow but we are at the point of no return now!

I've started thinking about what I am going to do once the marathon is over. Will I try for a better time in a spring marathon (could I really do 2 marathons before 25?!), will I just mark it off my list and move on, will I continue to run for just shorter distances (I think this is Steve's choice since the training is so time consuming!) I sure would like my '6 pack' back so one thing is for sure the exercising won't stop!

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