Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hungry for more..

Last night I ran 5 miles on the trail. My water boy, Steve rode his bike and kept me motivated. I didn't bring my watch because I didn’t care what the time was—I just need to be out there running and getting back into it. My knee felt a lot better—still not 100% but was really encouraged by the run—leaving me hungry for much more running.

I have been inhaling all food in sight. HUNGER has taken over me! I can’t control it. I have tried to make healthier choices but all this exercising and nerves are starting to take its toll on my stomach. For example this morning by 9am I have already had, a large piece of banana bread with whipped cream cheese, bowl of honey nut cheerios and an apple danish :)

After my run, we started making the last minute preparations for the race. We made reservations at PF Changs for after the race and talked to my friends and family who are going to make the trip down to see me hopefully accomplish a life goal: running a marathon before I am 25. I still need to go to the grocery and stock up on my before, during and after race goodies. Also, I need to make a packing list so I don’t forget anything important like my running shoes!

I can’t believe the journey is almost here but I am really getting excited to conquer 26.2 miles on Saturday.

P.S I am really thankful for this blog to be an outlet and keep track of all the runs—my friend Kim suggested the idea back in April or May and its just been so fun to look back at when 2 miles was a big deal! I now have a lot of friends who are getting into blogging and it’s great to get to read them. Check out some of the blogs I follow—and please share your blog so I can add you to my ever growing list!

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Nicki and Mathis said...

I really love our Tuesday mornings! And I have a little secret -- I just started training for a half-marathon. I'm slightly embarrassed to say anything, because I seem to always make this declaration, and then I quit, but I guess in order to commit, I should tell others. :) The race isn't until March (probably not the best timing since it will be cold when I'm training), but there it is. My ultimate dream goal would be to run the Disney marathon in January of 2011. My dad has ran this marathon 3 times. I can relate to what you said about running a marathon before you turn 25. I would LOVE to run a marathon before we have kids -- so fortunately I have a few years to do it. :)

GOOD LUCK this weekend! I will be thinking of you a lot!! Great choice with P.F. Changs!