Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Window Shopping and Exercise

As I have mentioned before, the fall/winter weather is not conducive to my lifestyle or comfort levels. However, I still need to exercise but it's just a little more difficult. I have found a great solution: walking at the mall. It's the perfect place, lots to look out, close to home, .5 mile each loop, changing scenery, always the perfect temperature, and most of all well lit.

My friends and I came up with this plan a few weeks ago that we have a standard walking time and whoever can come each night is welcome. Nothing set in stone except the when and where.

I typically only go 3 nights a week but after a stressful work day and feeling down, I decided it was the perfect place to burn off some stress and lbs. I always feel so much better. I walked with my friend, Ashley and we walked for just at an hour. I'm not sure how many laps and or miles but I felt great. We even got a little shopping done too :)

The perfect combination: Exercise and Window Shopping.

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ksaia said...

and next time...smoothies! I can't wait til I can join you guys again! okay, I should be sewing right now, not reading blogs :)