Monday, January 18, 2010

Motivation: Found

Lots of big news for GYRO.

First, today was the first time since November 9th that I hit the pavement. I ran a little over 5 miles with Nicki and Ashley. And those names right there are where the motivation was found. I couldn't believe how easy 5 miles felt. We ran it in 60 minutes on the dot because there was still some ice and snow build up on the ground. However, it was a beautiful day and I felt so inspired and just happy to be hitting the trail again. This was both the longest distance these two have run (I tend to push people a little ;) ). I was so happy to see their excitement as they completed this milestone which leads me to the next big news...

This weekend, GYRO VA officially began. I've been talking about with some friends about some 'novice' runners who really want to give running a shot but just can't seem to do it so today marked the first meeting. I plan on sending the weekly e-mail out later this week to officially kick off the club. So far we have 6 members!

Finally, the next race has been decided. The Blacksburg 10 miler on February 20th.

Tonight I need to write my running plan but I'm so excited to finally be back into it.. and it's much easier than I remembered ;)

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Nicki said...

GYRO for life!!!! :)