Monday, January 25, 2010

6 miles

Well, Ashley and Nicki are quickly figuring out how GYRO works.. I'm a pusher. Today, the plan was to run 5 miles but around mile 2 I suggested we aim for 6 (really whats the difference between 5 and 6). They reluctantly agreed but rewarding in the end and from their blogs it looks like it was a great run.

We ran 6 miles on the Huckleberry in 64 minutes. I honestly am surprised at myself. I thought it would take forever to build back up but I guess once you train for a marathon the runs get easier. My next race in Feb. 20th, Blacksburg Classic 10 miler. I only plan on training 1 day a week due to my work schedule and the weather. For those of you who followed the marathon training, my first running partner is VA, Marcee will be running that race with me--I'm so excited she's been gone way to long!

This week I am really focusing on drinking my water again. When running I find that I am soo thirsty so I'm going to start the hydration process now. Also, my knees have been a little sore however, stretching, ice and ibuprofen have helped.

I should have an updated training plan worked up this week that I'll be sure to share.

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