Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring: Run, New Shoes and Water Ice

In honor of spring and wonderful running weather, I've decided to officially activate GYRO VA and blog every day for the next 30 days.

Today, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous so it was easy to respond to a running request this morning. My friend, April, invited me to run 5 miles with her this morning. She just recently got into running and her first 10k race is next weekend. It was her first time running 5 miles and she did great. I'm not sure of our time and or pace because my watch died during the run (poor planning). It was a little chilly but once we finished, I felt so great.

After a quick shower, Steve and I headed to Run About Sports to pick up my free pair of running shoes that I won at the Blacksburg Classic 10 miler. It is important to go to a specialized running shoe when getting your MOST important running accessory. The sales people are almost always local runners and well trained in shoe talk. They can recommend a shoe based off of your running style, where you run, how your shoes look, etc. Steve is not much of a runner so, this is why Steve was so puzzled why I was carrying my running shoes. Anyway, I've used the same style of running shoes (new shoes every 200-250 miles, keep your records) since about 2002. The sales guy was so helpful and said my shoes wore nicely (right down the middle of the soles) so he didn't see any reason to change the brand or style. However, since it was a FREE pair of shoes, he said I should go with the step up (about $15 more than my normal pair and should last more like 300-350 miles). I tried them on then ran around the store and was on my way home with a smile. Here is what I ended up with:
Another great thing about the first day of Spring..FREE RITA'S WATER ICE!!

If it is nice where you are today, GYRO.


LMP said...

Is there a Rita's down there?!

Sarah Wooldridge said...

Yep! right downtown Blacksburg near The Lyric.