Monday, March 22, 2010


Today is our 1st ever giveaway!

Enter TODAY to win a FREE $10 itunes gift card so that you can add that new playlist to your running mix. Here is how to enter.

1. All entrants must be GYRO followers ( 1 entry)
2. Have a friend follow GYRO and leave a comment (be sure they mention your name) (1 entry per friend who comments)
3. Facebook post about the GYRO giveaway ( be sure to leave a link in the comments) (1 entry)
4. Blog about the GYRO giveaway (be sure to leave the link in the comments) ( 1 entry)

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

GOOD LUCK to everyone :)


Nicki said...

I follow GYRO!!!

Nicki said...

Just facebooked about this!!

Nicki said...

On my way to blog about it over at Running Nicki blog... I'll blog about it later on my main blog too so I can direct some of my traffic over here. :)

Great giveaway by the way... working on getting a friend to follow! :)

emilytroutmanphoto said...

I am all about GYRO - the delaware chapter :) And I am trying to recruit some people to run with me! I have been doing it solo lately!

hokiegal23 said...

Posted it on my blog! :)
Check it out!

Justina Sumpter said...

I follow GYRO (by follow I mean listen to your run stories, I'm not a runner myself), posted on your facebook and put a shout out in my blog.