Monday, March 22, 2010


Tonight was the 1st official meeting of GYRO VA. Now, this is something that has been done many times unofficially and also been talked about ALOT but tonight was the 1st OFFICIAL gathering. I met Wendy and April at the trail after work. We didn't really specify a distance yet (that comes in later GYRO meetings). However, April is training for a 10 k on Saturday (her first race whohoo!) and needed to run 5 miles. Wendy is just getting back into running shape since having her baby girl 6 months ago. It wasn't perfect weather but I was excited all day to meet them after work and get back into that running habit. It's my happy place!

I ran the 5 miles with April and she did awesome even better than Saturday. I really didn't feel comfortable having her out there running by herself near sunset. Wendy ran the first mile with us and turned back. I feel really confident her competitive and athletic spirit will get her to be running with us the distance but this is only her 2nd time running since giving birth. I'd say 2 miles is a great accomplishment.

Stay tuned to tomorrow's GYRO blog for our first ever GYRO FREE GIVEAWAY!!

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