Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saturday's Race

At lunch with some friends today I was asked a question that I hear a lot of.. "Have you been running" I guess it's a fair question since I talk about running all the time and have a running blog but my answer always shocks people: NOPE. They look at me crazy and can't believe it since I have some upcoming races--like one on Saturday a 10 miler to be exact. I run because I love being outside and the sense of accomplishment not because it's a chore. I NEVER want it to become a chore--the day it does is the day I stop. With that being said--I've run most of my life and I have gone through spells of serious running and then times where I don't run for months. However, after training for my marathon. I feel like running once a week or once every other week keeps me content--especially with the winter weather. It might not be that easy on Saturday but I'm confident I've put in the hours on the trails that I should be able to complete 10 miles, no problem. I'll keep you posted. Remember running is just like anything in life--you do it enough you'll never forget how to do it, no matter how long of a break you take. I'll let you know about the race :)

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