Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A friend's 10 miler

Recently a really good friend from Delaware expressed interest in running again (we used to run track together). She's never been much of a distance runner but shes going to try her hand at the Philadelphia Broad Street run in May (10 miles). She was really nervous about starting especially after looking at a running plan that made her run 4 days a week starting with 3 miles on week 1. Most people can just start with 3 miles so it turns them off but I told her I'd give her some pointers and write up a more realistic plan.

First question: REALISTICALLY how many days a week can you run. Work within your schedule you'll be more likely to succeed instead of always searching for time. She said 3, honest and a great starting point. Below is the e-mail I sent her.

1. You need to start drinking more water. At least 64 oz a day.

2. You also need to make sure you stretch well before and after each run.

3. Finally you need to be doing at least 20 sit ups every day whether in the morning or before bed. This will really help your core strength.. plus get your tummy flat ;)

Here is the schedule I would run

10 10 1.50 20
2 02 02 03 0
3 03 02 04 0
4 02 03 05 0
5 03 03 06 0
6 04 03 07 0
7 03 04 08 0
8 04 03 09 0
9 04 04 00 10

So on week 8 on that Saturday you can either run the 9 I suggested or run 6 depending on how you feel and how prepared you feel for the race. Let me know how this works for ya.

If I were you I'd start some light jogging this week or fast walking..get your body prepared for this training. I know you can do it!! GYRO!

Her plan will start on March 1st! Good Luck Julie! I know you'll do great :)

Are you training for something? Just getting into running? Whats your biggest challenge?

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