Monday, April 12, 2010


...On March 20th I was really motivated to blog for 30 days and really grow the GYRO blog and running club through followers and our running community in Virginia and Delaware. 18 days in I failed, then this beautiful weekend happened and I failed some more. While pondering how I could spin this to a positive light, I quickly remembered..this is a running blog and you aren't running..which means I have little to write about. Another reason why I've fallen short of my goal is because I didn't plan very well. This blog allows you to post blogs at anytime of the day. I could have easily planned some topics and had wrote the blogs ahead of time instead of rushing around each day looking for a topic. This is so true of running a race or running any distance. If you don't prepare for the run, you'll feel fine when you start but as the miles pile up you'll quickly feel you have taken on more than you or your body can handle. Unfortunately, I've failed my blog goals but I'm not giving up because I have followers who want to be part of a running community and I don't want to let you down. Starting on Saturday, I'll begin training for the Baltimore Marathon, again. This time around, I'll be running with my best friend, Kim (you know the one who ran the last 4 miles with me last year). I've run with Kim for years and honestly, I've always been a little quicker but Kim has been doing some serious cross training and running and she can move it now so I have some work to do to keep up with her!

Here are some upcoming races GYRO members will be running in the next couple of months. If you'd like more information on who is running what race, shoot me an e-mail or comment and I'll be glad to put you in touch :)
May 2nd Philadelphia, PA: Broad Street Run (10 miler)
May 8th Floyd, VA: Run for your Young Life (5K)
May 16th Wilmington, DE: Christina Care half marathon (13.1)
May 29th Wilmington, DE: 5K Run for Kay's Kamp

I'd love to hear how these races go and feature you on the blog, so keep me posted!

I'll be posting some summer races that look fun for both our Delaware and Virginia clubs in the next few days.In the meantime, if you are looking for races in Delaware check out this website: here and if you are in Virginia check out this website: here or here

I'll try the 30 day challenge once I start training for the marathon again :)


Nicki said...

Wow! That's a lot of great races!!! :) I'm so happy that you'll be training again! Can't wait to do some GYRO runs with you.

Kim42285 said...

I am excited that you are going to be running with me!!!!

Matt said...

I will not be running through the Hood in B-more this time around! Especially not wearing crip gang colors!