Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mailbox Run

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a friend and the title was 62 mailboxes. I knew right away that she'd been bitten by the running bug (it tends to bite others more around this time of year with the gorgeous weather and the fact that swimsuit season is right around the corner but I regress).

After reading her e-mail which talked about a lot of the things my readers can relate to:
"wasn't much of a runner"
"really doesn't like to run"
"didn't go that far"
"doesn't know what got into her"
but someway and somehow needed to run that night. What was so cool about this e-mail isn't that she ran or e-mailed me but that she referenced another GYRO friend's experience, this is what the blog is intended to do: connect runners at any level together so we can learn from each other, be motivated and inspired to reach our goals, whatever they might be.

Your running experience matters to me and you never know who you might inspire: GYRO.

So this post is to my Mailbox Runners: Keeping counting those mailboxes and try to add 1 or a few each day!

On April 24th, I'll be participating in the Pickerington Mailbox run. It'll be my first Mailbox race but I'm looking forward to the company I'll have along the way :)


Suzann said...

I'm so happy that my blog inspired someone. But most importantly as a Mom, it was great to see how it inspired and excited you about and the impact your Blog is having to motivate and inspire all of us to Get Our Run On. Can't wait to be a guest blogger again in the future.

Looking forward to the Pickerington MailBox Run. - - I'm up to 39 mailboxes now. Glad you shared with me today that depending on how far the houses are apart can impact the number. I'm a bit competitive and my sight is set on 62 mailboxes.

Lisa said...

its all relative, right? 62 mailboxes could really be 31 if you count them again when you double back. :) and what about duplexes with 2 mailboxes each? do they count as one or two? all that matters is that our numbers increase each time, I guess! thanks for being an inspiration, both Suzann and Sarah!