Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Huckleberry 3

After work, I ran 3 miles with my friend Nicki on the Huckleberry. After Saturdays run I'd really been wanting to get out there but without running partners we all know where I spend my night (on the couch!) So, I guess my excitement to get back out there pushed our pace a little bit. Physically it was really tough but mentally it was just what I needed.

After we'd finished we stretched and talked some about really ramping up GYRO for the summer. I'm really excited about this and having Nicki's help. We made a brief plan on some ways to generate excitement and get others out there running with us. Look for the e-mail coming soon!

Anyway, tonight I was also reminded by my friends Julie and Kim that running is much more fun when you do it together. They also reminded me why eating greasy food is not good for the system when you've been eating healthy..but I regress.. So here is to a summer of GYRO. Can't wait to hear your stories.


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