Monday, April 5, 2010

Some walking

First off let me say a big THANK YOU to my guest bloggers over the weekend! Thank you for your kind words and sharing your GYRO experience.

Today was a beautiful day in VA until about 6:15. Golf size hail came out of NO WHERE! I hadn't really planned on running (I still have decided the races and I kind of like the long runs on the weekend). So, I met a few friends in their neighborhood and we walked about 45 minutes. I left my watch at home so I can't tell you how far. However, there were some hills.

Speaking of the watch, Steve uploaded the information onto the computer. It mapped where I had been and the elevation and pace and all kinds of cool things. I'm excited to get some more use out of this. I probably won't run until Saturday because of some prior commitments. But, I've really been amping up my before work work out. Jeff, my brother in law, showed me a few more exercises this weekend that I'm incorporating.

Now, that the weather has been much warmer, it is so important to drink your water and stay hydrated BEFORE you start to run.

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Ashley & Justin said...

AND wear your sunscreen!

hokiegal23 said...

i think you should do a post on your "before work work outs" that explains what exercises you are including! :)

also, are you doing any upcoming races? i was thinking it would be cool to have an on-going list of gyro members and what races they are planning on doing (or also planning on volunteering for) so maybe people can at least sign-up together, carpool together, etc. (even if they don't run the same speed). i'd rather do a race where i know other people are running, even if i end up running alone...