Tuesday, April 6, 2010

an unexpected 3

Well it's WAY past my bedtime but as I was drifting off to dream world..I remembered I forgot to blog today..and that would be no good for the 30 day challenge. I think we are on day 17!

Anyway, I actually have some running to talk about today. I didn't really plan on running today until about 3pm. It was a beautiful warm day, felt like summer and I just couldn't the resist to run. I quickly thought of Nicki who is training for a 1/2 and a full and I was so thankful she accepted my invitation. Side note: [everyone should have 3 or 4 running buddies you can call when you get the urge, running with friends is always more fun] We ran 3 in 30:23 on the Huckleberry. I felt OK. A little sore from Saturday and a lot dehydrated from the heat (87!) I'm really excited to run with Nicki more and watch her accomplish her goals.

Thank you to all who have posted comments. I'm working on integrating all your ideas into the next few days post. But for now, Good Night!

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