Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Met the faithful GYRO VA girls at the trail after work. Jessaymn and Wendy are making serious progress and could up their mileage soon. Nicki joined us too which was fun. We set out to do our normal 3 but Jesse was ready to try for a little more so we ran 3.5 while Nicki and Wendy ran 3. It was pretty hot and there were some big rain drops that cooled us off at the end. Overall I felt great and was really glad I was able to stretch my legs and pick up the pace with Jesse. Shes a former runner who took a long hiatus so in no time she'll be whooping up on me :) I ran the last mile by myself because it's a semi hilly part and I just mentally needs to finish or I'd be walking back to the car. I ran the last mile in probably 8:30 or 9 min miles (I didn't load the data from the watch but when I glanced down that's what it said).

I can't believe it's the end of May--I really need to write my training program for the full in October especially if I'm trying to keep up with Kim!

In other training news. The GYRO race is approaching and we hope any and all ages and skill levels will be able to join us...more to come but start making some time for GYRO so you can run the July 31st with us.

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Nicki said...

Oh my goodness -- this looks SOOOOOOO great!!!!! WOW!!! I'm really excited for the GYRO race! :)