Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dodging the rain

Last night we (Hannah, Jessamyn and myself) met at the Huckleberry to run 3 miles (we only had time to run 3 because another storm was approaching). They did awesome! I'm just glad we missed the thunderstorm. We are scheduled to run again this evening and I hoping we will miss the rain again.

Sometimes it's the little things that make your day.. and getting to run in between thunderstorms made mine yesterday. Sometimes you only have an hour or 30 minutes. Do you have a go to workout? Leave a comment to share what you do when time is limited!



Mike said...

If I have limited time to work out, I either run a shorter distance and faster pace or just do workouts at home. Like pushups or situps and other stuff like that.

Although, most storms don't stop me if I am really wanting to run. I'll just put a light jacket on and make sure I don't have anything on me that will get destroyed by water! It can really be fun as long as there's not too much lightning!

The Steele Family said...

Thank you Sarah for running with us. You could not be more right...a quick run between storms really made my day. I cannot wait to run again. My goal this week...run on the beach at sunrise.