Monday, May 17, 2010

The Official VA club

Well after months and months of talking about getting GYRO going in VA and taking a few personal goals and conquering them.. We finally have an official club and something to run for (more on that in a minute).

Last week I finally got myself together to plan a few runs and gather the e-mails and invite the runners we've been talking to over the past few months to join us for some runs. A few of us met yesterday (just Wendy, Hannah and myself) to run a quick 3 before the rain storm came through. It was nice to get out there and run. I personally need to start preparing for the marathon to keep up with Kim..and improve my time but I've got some other training plans to do for that. Other than that I don't mind getting out there to run with anyone at their pace. I'm hoping the rain holds off tonight so we can hit the pavement again tonight (Side Note: I don't normally recommend running multiple days in a row but when the mileage is slow it's ok).

Now, what we are running for... a few runs back Nicki and I came up with the idea to hold the 1st Annual GYRO race on July 31st at The Huckleberry. We will have a 10k and 5k. It will give our new runners and more experienced runners something to train for this summer while keep the cost of racing down and allowing some runners race experience to be more about running with friends. We are opening up the run to anyone who just needs some motivation to train for that can mean running or walking.. hopefully more running than walking but we won't discriminate!

Well hope to see some more new faces at GYRO this week and also circle July 31st. I'll be running the 10k and I hope you can make it too!!


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Matt said...

what sort of prizes are we talking about?