Monday, June 7, 2010

5 miles

Friday I met Nicki & her husband Mathis at the trail for 5 miles. I texted her the day before to see if she wanted to do a fast 5. Fast is all relative but I understood from my own experience and her recent post that she kept feeling like she was leaving miles or speed on the trail. We started out and were off to a great start and pace..of course we were still able to talk since we had not seen each other in over a week! Mathis is a great runner who spent time stretching and warming up.. we stretched a little but didn't warm up. I've never been much on warming up unless I'm racing but I haven't really really raced since high school (I once read you should be sweating at the starting line). I know this is an area I should do more of to help prevent injury but when my time is limited I rather be running :) We finished in about 48 minutes and I felt great. It was nice to be out there running and to be at my normal pace. I was actually a little surprised at our time because I haven't really run my pace or that distance in quite some time.

We have another great week with the GYRO runners and I'm headed to my old stomping grounds to run with Kim on Saturday morning. We are going to run our old XC course before our friends wedding--should bring back some fond memories.

The sugar addiction was going great until Friday night (after the run I had girls night full of pizza, twix, reese's cups, and LOTS of tootsie rolls) but that was my only downfall for the weekend and I even did my arms and abs!


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