Friday, June 4, 2010


So, I've been on vacation.. Some people might exercise (or try to exercise) while on vacation but not me. I needed a break in a bad way. My job is very stressful, my social calendar is packed to the rim and not to mention keeping my house and husband together, oh and GYRO. Anyway, we were at a B E A U T I F U L resort in Punta Cana with a blue green ocean, a large swimming pool, great gym (better than the rec center), nice sauna and steam room all at my disposal but I didn't use it (besides a few swims in between naps). However, I read the latest issues of Fitness and Shape (the last few months--I needed to catch up). I took in all kinds of new information with regards to diet, new ab exercises, training programs, latest gears, etc. I also took away a new focus for the summer and my 2nd marathon training program.

We got back into town late Wednesday night. First thing Thursday I got up a little early, pulled out my magazines and started on the exercises. I also drank a glass of water right away. I remember reading somewhere (not recently) about how you have been asleep for 8 or so hours and your body is dehydrated right when you wake up. Makes sense to me so its a new habit. I did a few sets of sit ups on the exercise ball, some planks, tricep dips and a few other weight routines from the magazines that don't have names. My day was super busy from being gone almost a week but when I got a few minutes I text a friend, Ashley, who I know is always up for some exercise to see if she'd like to walk after work (didn't have enough time for a run plus her walk is about an 11min mile..) As the day progressed, I was really starting to stress getting home and walking but I knew if I wanted to see the changes I have to stop making excuses. I'm so thankful I felt wonderful--hot and sweaty and all that good stuff.

Today, I repeated the same morning routine. Keeping the ball and weights right by my bed remind me every morning.. it only takes 15 minutes--so far so good. Now my eating habits have been been stellar but that's because I haven't had time to go to the grocery store but I'm planning on hitting that up first thing tomorrow with my new list of superfoods for Shape and Fitness.

I'm a firm beliver that you can learn alot form these magazines and from others but what it comes down to is. 1. Does it make sense (not drinking water for 8 hours since you were sleeping..makes sense your dehyrdated)
2. Does it fit your lifestyle (I'm a morning person but I really don't have enough time to run so the weights and sit ups work great for me)

Oh by the way, today is day number 2 of only drinking water.. So long sugar addiction. I'm moving on..

Here's to a new focus and training program for marathon number 2!



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emilytroutmanphoto said...

lets hear more about vaca :) pics please!!! and i need to get back on the workout routine myself... excuses and baby chasing have been my past few weeks!