Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Running 3

Last night, I met Wendy and Jessamyn at the trail for 3 miles. It was hot, again (side note: seems like all I talk about is how hot it is..) Anyway, it was a nice run and I really like getting to know more about Jessamyn and Wendy while running. We ran 3 miles in 33 minutes which felt fine to me. Wendy is a trooper pushing through the runs on little sleep. Shes had some frustrations from getting into running, then getting sick, then getting back into it, then being on vacation then getting back into it,etc (anyone else know the drill) but I KNOW her hard work and her "base" is there so it should be no time before shes back to 100% and seeing the increase in mileage.

Last night we also talked about the 'running priority'. Last summer, running came first..before anything..my husband..dinner..work..friends..family..etc. I had a goal and nothing was going to stop me. This summer, I'm not going to do that. I can't do that.. I can't be that selfish again. I KNOW I can run 26.2 miles now. I love to run because it makes me happy and reduces stress (and not to mention helps with my waistline). I want to enjoy the runs and spend time with GYRO to be the encourager and motivator. Sure, I need to be building up my own miles but the beauty of never really stopping running from last year..is I'm already there :) After talking to Wendy and Jessamyn, I'm going to move my long runs to Friday mornings or Saturday mornings, that way I have time to rest. I'm not so worried about the weekday runs because well, those are for fun with GYRO. I'm glad I thought about this last night so I can spend energy in the right places. So here is to a new focus, recharged and ready to run Sarah.



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Erika said...

Running in heat is not always so much fun:) Way to get it done. Thanks for your motivation about my full. I'm really hoping to make the right choice and I'm sure it will all work as it's supposed to! Happy Tuesday!