Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A different 3

Tonight, I met the GYRO crew at the trail with a new idea for a bit of a change. We've been running 3, 4, 5, etc with no change in pace, hills, anything. I thought it would be good to change up our pace and do mile repeats. We did 3 of them. I tried to keep my pace well under 10 min mile..I was hoping for like 9:30. I did that! I ran the repeats in 26:47 mins. It made me feel pretty good to prove to myself, I can run at the 9 min mile pace. The middle repeat was the easiest.. and the last one was the worst because it was pretty hilly. Wendy, Hannah, Jed & Stacie were there and they all did GREAT! I think everyone liked the change in speed and pushing themselves a little bit...comment if you disagree ;)

Again, it was really hot..I'm thinking that is affecting our running pretty badly. I mean we are DRENCHED within about 5 mins of running. I think this is the warmest summer we have had in a while and it just isn't cooling off by 5:30 when we run. On days like today, you can't drink enough water to hydrate!

When I got home, Nicki had posted to facebook about a cool new running app. I tried it out and I think I'm going to use it in the next few days to work on some custom plans for the GYRO runners for our upcoming race! Did you see the flyer to the right..check it out! It's free and a great motivation for all this running. I'm going to try and run it in less than 54 mins...help me be at the 9 min mile pace Kim is at ;)



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Kim42285 said...

I love the flyer for the run! How exciting! GYRO Virginia is doing BIG THINGS! Woo woo! :)