Friday, June 18, 2010


Sorry for the delayed post.. I've been actually working at work ;) but
I hope Leah you were talking about me when you posted a out the lack
of updates! Haha!!

So, Tuesday was day 2 of marathon training. I met Jessamyn, Erin,
Wendy & Baby D at the trail. We ran 3 and I felt really good besides
being tired from poor sleep.

Wednesday I met the group who is pictured. It was our largest GYRO
ever and I was pumped to see some new faces and a wagging tail! We ran
2 miles and did hill repeats. I wish I didn't have to go because I was
loving the hill. Erin actually got me thinking about that on Monday. I
need to embrace the hill challenge and learn to love the hills again!

Surprisingly, I've done really great with the sit ups and weights in
the morning. I can notice a difference in the 2 top abs that are
showing up now if I could just get the others to show up :)

I'm taking my running to the beach this weekend (the trail near the
beach not the sand--Sarah doesn't do sand running!) The last time I
ran this trail I did 20 miles and lost my cool at mile 17 because I
was so tired! Funny now but at the time I thought Steve (my waterboy)
was the devil! Haha! Good memories. I won't be running 20 but I'll try
for 8.

Enjoy the weekend and GYRO,


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