Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marathon #2 Training day #1

June 8th, 2009 was the first official day I blogged about marathon training and you can read about it here.

Yesterday, June 14th, 2010 was the first official day I trained for the 2nd marathon I plan on doing in October. It was a MUCH different experience for a few reasons. First of all, I've been running. None of this getting into running shape, I've worked hard to maintain all the training I did last year. Second of all I have GYRO..I'm a social runner when others are with me the possibilities are endless, by myself.. can't even run a mile (ok, maybe an exaggeration but you get the point.) Finally, I'm a lot more confident. I know that I can run a marathon now we are just going to work on the time. Last time, I had no expectations except to finish. This time around it's about having fun and improving my time.

I met the GYRO VA crew (Jessamyn, Jess, Hannah and her friend, Erin) after work on the Huckleberry. Side Note: I spent the day at work writing my marathon training program and reading a TON of articles on running diets, strength training, the latest and greatest technology, etc but I'm not really into any of that. For me, it's about stress reduction and so I can eat more :) Anyway, I haven't completed my running plan (I do believe in goals and plans) because I think I need to be flexible because of my job, social calendar, upcoming travel, etc. It's a work in progress.

Last night, we ran together to the 1.5 mile marker. Jessamyn and Jess turned around and went 3. Hannah, Erin and myself continued. We ran 5 miles in about 46 minutes (or maybe 48 minutes..can't remember and the Garmin is at home). I was really hot and sweaty but it felt great to push it a bit and stretch my legs out. Everything felt great and I think I drank enough water because I didn't really get that I'm so dehydrated feeling.

Here is a picture of Erin, Hannah and myself after our run! I'm wearing my Baltimore Marathon shirt in honor of Day 1 of Training for #2.

It was only fitting that Marcee (my friend who ran the marathon with me in October) was at my house when I got home from GYRO. She's moving to Florida on Thursday to start her internship/residency (she's a Doctor, whose hot and single..just saying). I'm so sad she's moving but I'll always cherish our runs together and we'll always remember that we ran the marathon together.

One door is closing, but lots of others are opening. Here is to the new chapter of running!

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Nicki said...

I'm so excited for you Sarah! You really do inspire me, and I can't imagine running without your encouragement. I love that your training has officially begun!! I wish our marathons were a little closer together... I'm counting on you to help me push through to mine in January. :)