Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Steps

I have a close friend who has had to take some time off of running because of health reasons. It's been really hard on them. This friend is a super active person, so doing nothing was really hard. They didn't have an energy to exercise but we both knew that running is what they really needed to get them back on their feet. Getting out there is 90% of the battle. I strongly encouraged them to just give it a try even though I knew, it'd be really hard for them because they aren't at the level they were when they had to stop.. it takes time.

There was a time in my life that I couldn't believe me, Sarah, a runner, could not run a mile. It was really depressing. I had taken a hiatus from running and it was hard to believe that someone who had run most of their life was struggling to run a mile. I pushed on. The next day I tried a mile again and slowly added to that. Running takes time to build a base, if you stop for any amount of time, you'll have to take some time to build back up. While training for the marathon, I knew my base would be stronger than ever once finished but I'd have to continue running even if it was only for a couple of miles or a few times a week. Every now and again, people have to take baby steps to reach their goal.

So, here is to my steps, doesn't make you a baby it makes you stronger!



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Erika said...

hope they are feeling better soon!