Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sprints, 10 miles & 4 miles!

Well it's slightly hard for me to get in and out of my work chair today but that's because I've been given a taste of my own medicine :)

Last Monday (the 11th) I met my friend Hannah at the high school track for a good ole' fashion pole workout (called poles but really just 100's) We did it like this 200,300,400,500,600,500,400,300,200 with a 100 meter walk in between. It was a great workout..I felt it in my abs and I felt so good after the workout. I'm looking forward to adding more track workouts into my routine.. see a little known fact..I was a track star in high school. A sprinter at that. We were #2 in the state for the 4x100 and I was leadoff! It was fun..but distance hasn't always been my thing.

On Sunday, Nicki and her husband Mathis would be running 10 miles for their long run of the week (they are training for the Disney Marathon in January). We are relocating to Columbus, Ohio in the next few weeks and our house had an open house on Sunday so I asked if I could join for 3 or 4 miles.. I should have known better. I ran the whole 10 with her. Mathis went ahead and besides being thirsty I felt great until mile 8. I hit a huge wall. I couldn't wait to finish and my legs and knees were beginning to hurt. I still can't believe I can just up and run 10 miles (Thank you marathon training). I was soo sore and tired on Sunday night but so glad I did it!

On Monday, the GYRO group ran (Hannah, Nicki, Jess. St. and myself). We ran 4 miles. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It was a beautiful night and I just really enjoyed talking and stretching my legs out. However, today my knee is REALLY sore and I'm thinking I need some new shoes. I normally keep pretty good track of the mileage on them but I did get them in March so I'm thinking a new pair is overdue.

I love running and I can't wait to walk it all off tonight :)



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Erika said...

I have yet to add track workouts to my routine, but man you killed them! The thought of it scares me! Way to go on your super long unplanned run! hope your knee is feeling better soon! GYRO!