Monday, November 15, 2010


Yesterday, November 14th, the sun was shining so we decided to take the opportunity to go for a bike ride. It was a little cool but loved being outdoors in the middle of November.

I can't take full credit for deciding to ride bikes that was Mom's choice. I told her she could pick any activity and that's what she chose. We biked 5 miles on a trail that was part gravel and part paved. Mom did great at keeping the pace up with Steve and I and our heart rates were up the whole time for about 40 or so minutes.

I skipped on the P90X last night because I was tired and wanted to make sure I wasn't too sore or tired for my first day of work..which is going excellent by the way :)



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hokiegal23 said...

we prayed for you this morning at prayer... hannah wrote down p90x and i had no idea what it was... now i do. looking forward to keeping up with your new activity, but i know you'll always be a runner at heart! :)