Saturday, November 13, 2010

My New Project (But shh...she doesn't like that)

My Mom is FABULOUS. She's been an inspiration in so many ways. First of all, her faith and her love for the Lord. She's a big career women who always made sure I knew that I can be anything I wanted to be as long as I put my mind to it and rely on God's guidance.  She's very good at her job but she typically has to travel 2 weeks out of the month. However, she will be in Ohio with me TRAVEL free (except to some holiday family gatherings but that doesn't count) for the next 9 WEEKS! If that doesn't scream, GYRO project, I don't know what would :)

My Mom is trying to lose some weight and just regain control of her health. She's tried running, dieting, a personal trainer, you name it, she's done it. But, she's never done the Sarah method ;) She's going to be hard because, hello: she's my Mom and doesn't like to be told what to do. But, I don't fall from the tree so this should be a fun battle for you to keep up with.

Today we headed out for our walk (so she thought) and warmed up. Stretched. Then the moment of truth it went something like this:
Sarah: Mom, let's try and try. Your pace and only as far as you can go.
Mom: Sarah, I've told you I don't want to be a runner but, ok.
Then she was off. We ran for 2 minutes, took a 2 minute walk break to catch her breath and ran for 2 more minutes. She did it. We walked back to the house, stretch and had some protein shakes. She fought me a little but, hey, I've heard it all before. I have 9 weeks to make a runner and establish a new healthy lifestyle. I'm excited for this new challenge and secretly, I think she is too.  We took an after run picture but she made me promise not to post it, so we will post it as the before shot and in 9 weeks post the after.. and you can judge for yourselves if running makes a difference

Today, was day 2 of P90X training for me and it was cardio. It was pretty hard but I really liked the variety of exercises especially starting with yoga. I'm always amazed at how hard yoga is..I really get to breathing heavy. After that we headed out for our evening walk and then to some delicious Greek food.

All in all,  a great day full of a few workouts.



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Nicki said...

This is so exciting, Sarah!!! Good luck over the next 9 weeks. Today was my dad's Rock 'n Roll half in SA, and when my mom watched all the runners I think she got motivated to try and walk/run the half next year. :)