Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm proud to announce GYRO Ohio

To my faithful blog readers..I'M SORRY! Not posting since December is unacceptable! Although I have a great excuse, we aren't going to go there.. Let's just say. We are all settled in to our new home in Columbus, our jobs and a church family. Now it's time to get back into a running routine.

Enter GYRO Ohio. This will be the 4th state that I've started a group and all except  Kentucky are still running smoothly without me :) One thing about myself that is very clear..I'm a social runner and do not like to run alone so I'm always scouting out friends who could be gently persuaded into starting to run or get back into running or like to run! In my small group at church I found all of these..Praise God..because it's almost tank top and short season and without running and drinking lots of coffee..woah let's not even go there..

Yesterday was the first official meeting. I had found a nice trail, very similar to The Huckleberry in Virginia. Paved, Wide, Close to my house and at least 6 miles. It's called Blacklick Creek Greenways Trail. There are multiple trails there which after some exploration, I'll post more about. But we jogged/walked a total of 3 miles. The running was probably just shy of a mile but it was cold and great to just be outside setting my routine again and with some new friends :) Here is a picture of the girls afterwards:

Marie(who is expecting in JULY!!), Charissa and Stephanie 

I'm excited about this next chapter and really ready for some warm running! So, leave a comment about how you've got your run on lately... Encouragement is oxygen for the soul (a snipit from yesterday's church service but so applicable to the foundation of GYRO)



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Suzann said...

So happy that you are using your passion to inspire and encourage. God Bless Your Ministry