Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 miles!

Since Marcee and I are going to be away this weekend we figured we could run the long run during the week. We hadn't really done anything like this after work or a day of eating so I was a little worried.

To our surprise, we felt good--even better than we did during Saturday's 8. It took us 1 hour and 44 minutes.

It was very thick and muggy so we were soaked abut .5 a mile in and a bird pooped on me but if you aren't sweating your not working hard enough right? We took a picture afterwards and decided to document our long runs through pictures (we'll post some later)

When I got home and ate, I felt really energized--it took me about 2 hours to wind down and get to bed. My legs a little sore this morning but nothing a few stretches can't handle.

I am still in shook we ran and felt good on a Wednesday! I didn't even run 10 miles for my half so I was pretty worried.

Well I am in a friends wedding this weekend so the running will be scarce. But it's only going to up the mileage from here on out!


Kim said...

Hooray! Great job!!

Suzann said...

Birds always tend to find you. Hugs! Mom

Matt said...

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