Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back at it..

So I must admit I kind of miss writing on the blog every couple of days.

After the 10 miles on Wednesday. I felt pretty good on Thursday and Friday except we drove 5 hours to OH for a wedding and my legs were sooo stiff each time I got in and out of the car. Most of Friday was spent hanging out with my mom and driving to another part of OH for the wedding then it was rehearsal time.

Saturday morning I woke up pretty early and decided to try the treadmill at the hotel. Ugh--HATE the treadmill. I ran 4 miles at about a 13:50 pace.. SO SLOW and BOOORING but at least it was something right?

Monday and Wednesday nights I have a class at the gym for core strength so did that on Monday.

Tuesday--FINALLY back to running and it felt wonderful. Marcee and I hit the trail for 6 miles at a 9:40 pace and we both felt pretty good. We will run about 5 on Thursday and then 12 on Saturday! Crazy how just a few post ago 6 miles was a big deal but now that's our low mileage day..

On a side note, got new shoes (just like my old ones but the treads are visible!)


Kim said...

Thank you for updating! I was getting worried!!!! Keep up the good work!

Suzann said...

Go Sarah Go!