Sunday, July 26, 2009

5 and 12

On Thursday we ran 5 and it was the WORST run of this whole training for me. My legs felt like they were each 500lbs and I was really hot. I think I really need to be doing something in between runs to stay loose and drink way more water!!

Saturday,7am came quick and I was really nervous about 12. Besides running my half marathon I haven't run 12. We did pretty good. 12 miles in 2:05. Steve rode his bike and gave us a water break around the 7 mile mark. That was so key to making it to the end of the run, each minute we ran the warmer and more humid it got! We both felt pretty good for the first 7 miles then we started to really feel it. We didn't talk for the last 4 miles and the last 2 we were really struggling--it seemed to take forever to finish. But, we did it and it's over.

Steve and I went to the river to go tubing and it felt amazing on my legs. I stretched really good and my legs aren't sore at all!

Next week I am really going to work on more stretching, more water consumption and doing something in between runs..besides my Body Sculpt Class. Next week we are running a half marathon 13.2 miles (of course we are just going to time ourselves)

Until next time...GYRO


Kim said...

I ran yesterday and felt bad too... not 12 miles, but it was hot!!!

Does your gym have spinning? I would recommend doing that on some of the off days! It's a good way to get the lactic acid out of your muscles!

Miss you! xoxo <3

Sarah Wooldridge said...

No spinning--but I went for a bike ride today and I am going to really try to do it more.

You are such a loyal blog reader!

I miss you too! Labor day weekend--I'll be up there and have to run 20 miles--will you be ready?!