Thursday, July 9, 2009

Did I say 6am?

Yep, today Marcee and I ran at 6am (ok I mean 6:10am). We all know that my times are not exact more like +/- 15 mins! :)

Anyway, we decided to run 4 miles in the morning at an up tempo pace for a few reasons. One to make sure our bodies didn't get used to slower paces for the longer runs. We did great! We averaged a 9:45 min mile. Second to give us some extra rest time before the long run on Saturday morning. Finally, if we run at least once early each week we'll be used to that time for the race in Oct.

I feel good but have a feeling I will consume A LOT of food today :)


Justina Sumpter said...

Go Sarah Go!

Kim said...

Great job!! Keep it up! I have the marathon on my calendar; I'll be there for the race to cheer you on!!!

Suzann said...

Such planning an anticipation of the big race! Happy to hear that Kim will be there to cheer you on!!!