Friday, August 14, 2009

6 and 5

Well this week hasn't been the easiest but I accomplished my mid week runs at normal pace. I have been uber busy(hence the late post!)

On Tuesday I ran 2 miles and then joined up with Jessica (who is a novice runner) and she ran the last 4 with me. I was really proud of her because we went the normal (10 min mile pace)and that was the furthest she had run in a long time. She looked great and said she felt pretty good too.

Ran 5 miles last night ALL BY MYSELF. For the first time in the marathon training, I didn't have ANYONE to run with. I tried all my usual tactics to coerce people to run with me or for me not to go but I had a little voice telling me to JUST DO IT (uh ummm Katy Ramsey!)I ran the normal pace with no ipod or someone to talk to :( but I did do it.

Feeling Good!!

Tommorow is 13 with my brother in law, Jeff.. We shall see :)

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